pretty, simple

by boxset

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pretty, simple, short songs
roughly recorded in a living room with a lot of oooo's


released January 19, 2017



all rights reserved


boxset Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

vibes n' stuff

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Track Name: puzzle
stare over here
push the refresh icon
I can know why I've been fooled
what about you's new?
what about you's cool?

jigsaw puzzle
you know I can figure it out
I can't juggle
but I know how to keep you around

what is it that you do?
what is it that you do?

you're rockin' in my brain
don't fake it

catching up on school
is school catching up on me
awkward in my sleep
breezy on my feet

I can't wait to move out of here again
too many heads are fucking with my head

I'll try faster too
what else would I do?

rockin' on my brain oh baby
Track Name: notes
stay up
not thinking bout the morning
wake up
now I'm thinking bout my morning

I'll plan a day
cause I'd really like to see you
even though
you'll probably never see me

how's it going?
do you really wanna know me?
all done growing
and I don't even know me

looking back
on how late I was up
coming down
how late was I up?

I'm lying around
living around my room
I'm lying around
lying around

don't think
I went there for a bombshell
I don't think
I'd do that for a bombshell

nice guy
why can't I grow a mean bone?
It'd be nice
if I had just one mean bone

I'd show you
who I'd really wanna be
a wannabe?
that life's just not for me

so I stay up
I'll write a note to self
when I wake up
I'll read it to myself

I'm lying around
living around my room

I'm lying around
living around my room
Track Name: semi
pink tablet that brings me close to nod out
in my place
I'm in place
at your place
I don't care
what I wear

circle clay that breaks apart on my tongue
drowsy face
on my face
split my head
on her desk
in the way

red smiles that see me on the bright side
of my day
another day
in the way
another day
to over think

I just think
I think I fell in love
a semi shrink
won my best
not the best
to win my faith
on my way
Track Name: home video
let me see slowly
how this all unfolds
know what to do about it
don't want to write about it at all

I don't need to write it
someone already wrote it
in steady circles going
It's me, I always end up back home

running off my course

faced up on it
I don't wanna take it
I mostly just avoid it
but sometimes it's annoying, I'm off

Hung up on you
while hung up like a picture
but no one wants to buy it
maybe they'll just stream it at home

cut my mouth
on something pretty sour
been working long hours
cutting short on time to spend up

tie my laces
underneath my tongue
wasting all my ones
on faces that I need to tip off